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The recent recital was a "visual feast". It was filled with amazing costumes and imaginative dances which were incredible to watch. I was awed the entire time.

I sat next to a friend of mine who lived in Chapel Hill before relocating here. She told me this show far outweighed anything she had ever seen in Chapel Hill. The costumes and the dances were outstanding and showcased the many talents of the various age groups represented.

You should be very proud of the accomplishments of your students. They seemed to know their steps and exuded confidence in every dance. One could sense their confidence on the stage.

I, for one, am a fan of your shows. It was one of the main reasons we chose to have Elizabeth enrolled in your classes.

Congrats on all the hard work.


Four years ago, I entered your school as a rusty "bunhead" with
mediocre technique who wanted to dance again, for myself, for fun. I
never imagined that my childhood passion for ballet could be reignited
as fervently as it was in your dance studio. You have inspired me. You
have fired me up. And you have taught me so much. I leave a much
better dancer than I ever thought I could be - thanks to you.

It has been a great honor to be in your shows, especially the ballets
- you know how much I love the ballets!.. But in your school, every
dance is a work of art. And every time I watch a dance I was not part
of, I wish I had been in it. I feel privileged to have watched you
create magic in the studio all these years. Your energy, dedication
and love of dance are catching. And you have a rare gift of being able
to share dance with so many people. I couldn't have found a better
place to continue my dance education as an adult, after a long break.
And I am not sure that I will ever find a studio as comfortable and
uplifting as the Outer Banks Centre for Dance. In your studio, I have
found a home away from home and was "re-born" as a dancer. I am very
sad that I have to leave, but what you have taught me and the
experiences we have shared will always be with me.

Thank you so much!!!
Your biggest fan,

…it's so much more than just a dance class and a few rules to go by. This idea comes to you and 9 months later it is BORN! How proud you must feel to accomplish such a task ! Thank you for opening my eyes to this profession and making my daughter proud to be your student and dance with the OUTER BANKS CENTRE FOR DANCE!
... This year’s performance was by far the most advanced choreography I’ve seen and your students pulled it off seamlessly. Your talent, determination, passion and creativity always shine through. Great job and see you in the fall! ~Heather

Thank you so much for everything you do for Taylor. I am still amazed at the transformation she has made over the past couple of years after your training. She truly LOVES dancing and puts her heart into it and I am so glad she has such a wonderful teacher to train her!

I just wanted to tell you once again what I thought of this year's recital. It was fabulous! You outdid yourself. Not only were the costumes visually appealing, but you were able to completely and fully showcase the girls and their dance steps.

Every detail was astounding-the dance steps, the lights, the movements, costumes, etc. I spoke to 6 parents, and they all said the exact same thing. They all felt that you showcased the dance steps the kids practiced year-long. All the dancers were focused and were spot-on.

How lucky we are to have such a talented person on the Outer Banks.

Thank you for all your hard work; words of encouragement and discipline. Elizabeth has gained much maturity, responsibility and dance techniques from being your student.
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